I love creating commission artwork. It’s an honor to take pieces of someone's life and stories and integrate his or her energy into a piece that is truly unique and personal- to serve as a mirror to celebrate the richness and unique journey that each individual takes. For this process, I will interview you (or your family) to discuss colors, themes, favorite travel places, beliefs and more to get a good idea of your values and passions. This way I am able to integrate imagery and concepts that are meaningful to you, often hidden in several layers and abstract forms; to the untrained eye these pieces are simply abstract paintings, but to the knowing recipient they hold stories, beliefs and sacred memories. Please contact me for more information and pricing.

I also love partnering with interior designers on both commercial and residential projects to uplift and invigorate spaces with custom artwork. I have been a commissioned artist for Dining by Design (San Francisco) as well as worked on design projects spanning the Bay Area and Portland. My intrigue with interior design began as a young child when I would sprawl out with stacks of wallpaper and fabric books in my Mama's home (interior design) office, then eagerly return to my custom built (thanks, Dad) half-meter high desk to draw what I had seen and create my own motifs. (So basically I have over 30 years of experience). Let's collaborate!

Clockwise from Top: Commissions created for clients in Lake Oswego, OR; Atlanta, GA + San Francisco, CA