Hi there, I'm Catalina, an abstract painter and textile designer. I am committed to living an extraordinary life and a big part of that for me is making art to share with as many people as I can. I've always known that love is the greatest force in the universe, and as a young girl who picked up a paintbrush before learning how to walk (and declared with conviction at age four that I would grow up to be an artist), I learned that I could show my love for others by creating art for them. Loved that. And I loved putting bits of myself and my experiences onto a page or a canvas to translate what I feel into color and texture. The gratitude I have for living each day is at the base of everything I do.

I also believe in having fun and making bold moves. In 2014, I circumnavigated the globe: I taught classes and exhibited in Barcelona, created commission paintings in Singapore, studied batik in Bali, found inspiration from both the aboriginal and contemporary conceptual artists of Australia, and connected with my artist tribe in Chile. I find inspiration in nature and thrive when I'm near the water, I also love the structure and patterns found in our urban spaces and my pieces tend to reflect both of these themes. I adore and respect so many places in the world, but am happy to call the U.S. my home.

Some recent highlights:

  • My work has been featured in juried exhibitions & galleries across the U.S. (Portland, Laguna Beach, San Francisco (including Williams Sonoma’s headquarters) + more) as well as in Barcelona, Spain.

  • I’ve done custom work (original art + licensing) for individual clients and businesses in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore, Atlanta + others.

  • Yoga towels featuring my art were featured in the Sundance Film Festival VIP goodie bags, 2015 (via my partnership with Uneekee).

  • I’m an art teacher (ages 4-104+!) and inspirer, and love working on collaborations & events such as pop-up shows, fashion events, art walks & leading art lectures. I most recently taught at esteemed Estudio Nomada in Barcelona.

  • I completed two artist-in-residencies in 2015: Terraphilia in Salida, CO & Mas Els Igols in Torrelles de Foix, Spain.

  • I design fabric for swimmable mermaid tails for the2tails. So if you or anyone you know has ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid...

A dear friend of mine always says "keep going" in relation to my art, and that is what I intend to do. So here I go--onward! Thank you so much for visiting my site and I can only trust that the joy I feel in creating this work will also find its way to you in seeing it.